Friday, 2 March 2007

The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

I apologize for the lack of posts. I got the Wii, and pretty much haven't stopped playing it. The NES Zelda is very, very hard. I'm also trying to find time to squeeze in building my interior for Nightowl's contest. Well, not so much time, but space - my room is a mess thanks to moving some uncompleted furniture, so my desk is covered with books and other stuffs. I hope I can get it done, I really do. I can't let Yoder go without a fight.

Today's feature is by another of my favourite microscale builders. Known as BrickCommander on B-shelf, also goes by Primus. He has a lot of Star Wars ISD scaled ships, and even for a person who usually steers away from SW, his stuff is nice. His work for today is from the ALIENS movie. At first look it appeared much larger then it actually is, and it took a study of the engines for me to realize how compact this really was. It's always a goal with microscale to make the model appear larger then it actually is, it means that your execution of build has wonderfully fit to the shape and concept, i.e.: you can see a ship in there, not a lump of bricks. I'm not one for renders, and I would rather this be real, but I stuffed my pride for today. I've also just come to the realization that the ventral turret is of a near identical design that Jeff Dostie came up with, minus a pair of binocs to cap the barrels.

Definitely take a look at this if you build Microscale yourself, good inspiration and a great example of a small scale ship that appears larger. Now, if you'll excuse me there is some NES Super Mario calling my name.

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