Sunday, 25 March 2007

Black Wave/Bad Vibrations

I'm happy Tom got his dose of classics. I myself downloaded the NES Legend of Zelda on the Wii, its really damn hard and one day I'll get through it, then its on to Link to the Past. Ocarina = my first Zelda game. So life goes on much as it once did, school is busy, attempts to get a job are unsuccessful. I haven't built in a long while, but I am trying to scrap together a microscale gunboat. I think however, I'll make this a long project and keep the model smaller - in an effort to perfect.

I've got a few features today, in hopes to elongate this belated post. The first is done by Spook, he came in recently to the microscale scene and has really progressed the genre. This makes me feel like crap, because quite frankly I don't think I've progressed my own skills in some time, I still haven't mastered the angled brick hull plating technique - a combination of my lack of building time and laziness. I really like the concept for this Lanceship, seems like one of those romantic sci-fi fantasies. Of course, it doesn't joust in the typical sense - its really just a big gun. But it gives me ideas about creating a Lanceship of my own. The colour usage in this is great, there really is something about light blue and grey that catches the eye.

Next up is the Minerva, quite obviously at the very least inspired by Gundam. There is something about this, although I've seen better techniques used, and there's some block patches in this creation, it still looks good - and coherent. The slight curve of the back, the angling of the wings. It all comes together in this oddly beautiful ship. Each part seems to do a great job in helping another come to its apex of form (i.e.: they compliment each other). I just look at this and think that it could really to some serious reentry action or something. And despite the larger blocky nature of the piece, smaller aspects come together in a very complex way - the small designs on the back fins are a testament to the power of the brick, whereas someone like myself probably would have printed off a decal, this builder shows that the brick can be used by itself to great effect.

Lastly, here's a WIP that keeps surfacing on brickshelf. Normally I stray from Star Wars creations, the general census among spacers being that most everything has been done too much - this caught my eye. Its going to be a rather large scale build of the Invisible Hand, the Separatist flagship seen at the beginning of Ep3. There's already a few builds of it hanging around brickshelf - but what really caught my eye on this one was the use of bley and grey and the raised panel effect. The raised panel specifically makes the ship look like its been clobbered together from various sheets of metal and not just carved out of a single piece. So keep an eye on this, should prove to be pretty cool in the end.

Thats all the time we have for you today folks, tune it next week, same time. Same place. Well, scratch the time thing, no schedule will hold its reigns on me.

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