Sunday, 25 March 2007

Warm Lonely Planet

I've also been absorbed in my own tasty slice of retro-nostalgia gaming goodness. Three years ago I was promised that a bunch of ex-rental N64 games would go on sale in "just a week or two from now". And just last week, they did! Zelda Ocarina of Time and Vigilante V8 for me. What's not to love, Ocarina of Time one the best games ever made and Vigilante V8 which is an automotive destruction derby where various over the top 70's stereotypes battle to the death. Awesome.

A follow up from my last post of sorts, in the last few days there seems to have been a mini-revival of the Sea Monkeys in which some new creations have emerged from the depths belonging to none other than Felix Greco and Joe Meno. So go and check them out already, the Stingray Forsaken and an assorted bunch of Sea Monkey goodness. The armoured crab mecha is my favourite of the bunch. It's packing a nicely built crustacean exo-skeleton and some very tasty looking spindly crab legs. The new look evil sea-monkey battle-suits are pretty nice too. I'm looking forward to seeing some new sea monkey Mocs and hopefully adding one or two of my own into the mix.
Also in the cards this week we have a little Steampunky-ish floatplane, the Spyglass Reconnaissance Craft by Scotty. Very cool, a little sketchy in places but still very cool none the less. There's some nice boat usage in this one, the Indian canoes as pontoons and the rowboat for the nose. Nice! Not really a fan of the engines though, they just kinda sit there supported by sticks with only a thin bit of hose connecting them to the body. Speaking of Steam-Aviation, on Flickr this week I saw a really cool new propeller design but unfortunately I’ve lost the link. Basically a ship’s wheel with clips on the pegs, and on those clips wedge plates are stuck and angled. Anyone know what I’m rambling on about? There’s plenty of uses for a big propellor design like that, I reckon by fitting in a few more blades it would make a really nice jet turbine. While we’re on the subject on Steampunk flyers check out Darktide's Stirling-Flyer which is really quite cool because of its unique backwards design and nifty cockpit design and also Jerrac's Flying Machine which boasts an agreeable and tasty engine design combined with a pair of very lovely looking floaty wings.

On the spacey side of things we have a fun new concept from Tim Gould, ships shrunken down and turned into ride-on variants ideal for placement outside the local corner shop or old-school coin arcade. Presenting the ride-on Viper, Don Escargot and White Base. There's a lot of potential in this idea, Mini ride-on Serenity anyone? Or how bout a Mini Cowboy Bebop Swordfish ridden by none other than the legendary dog walker and bounty hunter, Spike Speigal?
Andrew Lee's Space Limo is not getting the attention that is deserves, probably because of the photography which is a little dark but advert your gaze past it and feast your eyes on one very sexy hover Limo. This particular Limo boasts a lovely organic flowing shape topped off by cool Matrix-ish hover pods with slick tubing that runs down the sides and leads into a nice beefy greebeled engine. Oh yeah, and look at that lovely interior, in my big book of moccing criteria that means bonus points. And when you're done looking at that be sure to check out the rest of Andrew's hover cars.
I'm not normally one for over exaggeration and hyperbole so you'll have to trust me when I say that Nannan Z's Voidfighter is absolutely magnificent. At first I didn't even realise it was Lego, it's so sleek, smooth and pleasing to the eye, all the individual components just flow so well. It's also got some nice sticker usage going on. But just don't go looking at the belly, keep your eyes focused on the topside. Actually I take that back, the belly does look pretty nice compared to the bellies of a lot of moc's out there today. It's the wing undersides that look a bit ugly but that can't really be helped, a nice underside mid-section that has got it where it counts.

Lastly, a cute little number by Nelson Yrizarry that goes by the name of 'Catching the Elusive Drumstick.' Dream on you crazy dreamer-fig, one day you'll catch your dreams.. one day.. someday..

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