Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Safety, Fun, and Learning (In That Order)

Todays gimmicky spacey thing of the day is the Cyborg Name Decoder. Go ahead, go nuts and find your inner Cyborg self or something.
S.T.I.N.G.R.A.Y: "Synthetic Transforming Individual Normally for Galactic Repair and Accurate Yelling"
Time for me to get to the point and do some accurate yelling about Mocs and stuff then.

Big X's F-220 Claymore is a big modern-near-future jet with cool guns and intakes and stuff all over and a cool name, seriously what more do you need to know? Click the link all ready! It lives up to its awesome name thats for sure. The overall shape and modeling is really good, oh yeah and its got some sweet lookin' intakes. (Dear reader, you might have noticed that your author is starting to develop some kind of twisted intake fetish, your author fears for his own mental well being and is scared.. help..)
And just look at those thrusters they're beautiful, nice use of taps. The angled and jaggered back fins look good too. The neon-green rockets under the wings are a bit meh, I like the idea of weapons being a different colour to the body but in this case I think the green might be a bit too strong. Perhaps some white rockets with red stripes instead? Speaking of weapons, I really like the smooth transition where the gun barrels meet the wings surface.
All though it reminds me more of a futuristic Russian jet than something from the American F-series of jets. The nose and cockpit area reminds me of a Mig and the little bumpy rough bits over the topside surface give it that strong, lasting and easily serviceable characteristic that all good Russian jets have. You know what they say about em 'able to be repaired by a small child with a basic toolbox in the middle of the Siberian tundra'

Through a recent post on Snoikle I became aware of hermit-Keith's courtyard diorama, this Moc is new to me cause missed it when it was first put up whenever that was.
Don Rubeen goes to court! Control the action! Exciting courtroom paperwork action! 12 yrs and up! Come on Goldman, you haven't gone soft in the head have you? I'm disturbed by the lack of trademark violence, Hippies and grill tiles. Well actually there's one hippie in it if you count Dan Rubin's cameo appearance I guess. It is actually pretty good, there's some nice detail going on and there's the usual monotonous grey pallet and over-use of a billion plants and stone ninja wall bits to keep ones eyes happy.

Mike Yoder brings us a few awesome Aliens themed interiors. He has done a really good job at capturing the dark foreboding industrial atmosphere of the Aliens universe. Dark lighting is used to good effect in this. Then theres the awesome details, the ribbed tubes that run down the shadowy corridors bring to mind a sinister Xenomorph that could be hiding in the darkness. The ominous skeleton in the control room chair and all the little greebs around the place, oh yeah and those windows above him. And I love the custom skull sticker on the Marine armour, it looks spot on.

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