Wednesday, 17 January 2007


Exams are drawing close. Why did I take yearbook? So besides some yearbook deadlines, an art piece, and a presentation on Homer for english, I'm free until formal exams start. Not really free. Bought Serenity on DVD the other day, been meaning to for a while but finally got around to it - now I guess I'm on the hunt for Firefly DVDs.

Today's feature is stolen wholesale from Lukas: Best of 2006, Space.

Mike Yoder pulls down the award on this one. Mike came onto the scene in late 2005, and his continued micro works stole 2006. I'd been building micro for a while, but it wasn't until Mike came around and created something for me to challenge myself against that I started trying. He's really been a boom to the 'genre', and his work has helped me improve mine.
Honourable mentions: Horvatits, Jerac

Minifig Space:
Definitely a harder genre to award, many more builders. I'm gonna hand this one to Nick Dean (Kcaster). He came on the scene just as another builder, but he's built up quite the reputation by now. This award goes specifically for his "krestel", his first SHIP and amazingly one of the best I've seen.
Honourable mentions: Chuck, Linus

Misc. Space:
This one is hands down for me. Arpy. He tinkers, and he shows, and he tinkers, and shows. It's because of this tinkering that he's really earned my respect as a builder. I've known him online for a few years, and he's definitely matured as a builder - this year is a great example.


Chuck said...

w00t, another mention in Top Space stuffs!!!

Linus Bohman said...

Thanks for the mention!

Nick said...

Me for the win!

Arpy said...

/me is happy
Thanks for the mention, man.