Wednesday, 3 January 2007

"He had lots of guts"

Christmas has come and past, but the snow has yet to arrive! So much for living in Canada, my polar bear is burning up! I received the 007 collectors' edition as a present(s) this year, and they're pretty much the only thing I've been watching - aside from Enemy At The Gates, awesome movie - and I've gotten through about 16-17 now, with only some of the Roger Moore movies left. Brosan is my favourite Bond; with Moore being my least, too many bad sex jokes and not enough being a spy. I think my favourite film of all is Goldeneye, the first Bond film I ever saw and the one I know most about due to the infamous Nintendo 64 game. I've also now seen Casino Royale, and holy crap, Bond is actually a secret agent with a license to kill! Craig is ruthless, and brings a definitive seriousness to the role that Dalton never fully achieved.

Today we have a double feature special. First is Spook, member of CS and Flickr. Two of his recent microscale creations have caught my eye. His style is vaguely similar to Soren's, although much less Japanese looking in technique. The first feature is his Medical Freighter. The hottest part of this ship is without a doubt the bridge section; the use of multi-decked windows and more greebs than one can throw a stick at come together to produce a bridge with an aircraft carrier vibe to it. The design also uses several practicalities that one might find on a future spacecraft: cylindrical fuel tanks, radar, red/green wing lights(bonus points), and large cargo holds. The use of a simply duotone colour scheme with single small splotches of colour is pulled off perfectly. Still a little rough around the edges. Also see his Orbital Platform + booster, same style.

Now an announcement many have been waiting for, many have hoped for, dreamed for even. Its been years since the Life On Mars LEGO Space line.

LEGO SPACE IS BACK! Picking up essentially where the LOM line left off, this time with clear villians and heroes. I'll dodge out the commentary at this time, and leave you to ponder among your own thoughts.

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