Saturday, 6 January 2007

Gravity Won't Get You High..

And so 2007 is already among us already, where did the years go?
And with the new year comes Triple J's Hottest 100! Huzzah!

Anywho, this week we were of course introduced to the first pics of the new Space sets. I'm neutral, I don't hate em and I don't love em, I just see em as just another Lego theme. I think the problem most people have with them is that the majority got their hopes up and expected some kind of exact follow on in style and concept from the original 70's & 80's Classic Space. Kids today don't want the grey-block star-ships of yester-year. When I was about 11 and just getting into Lego again Insectoids were the big Space sets at the time. At that age if if I was given a choice, 9 times out of 10 I would have picked Insectoids over Classic Space back then. Why? Because they were exciting and bright too my 11 year old brain, "spaceships disguised as alien-insects? Awesome!" I still love Insectoid's cause of that little old thing called Nostalgia..

Now onto the Mocs..
Great to see a newie from Paul Brassington, in this case a groovy Aliens style APC. I've always wanted to build an Aliens APC but I could never work out how exactly to build it's mysterious Tardis like interior. It's probably the best looking Aliens APC out there. Gotta love the twin cannons on the back, that Alien looks pretty wicked too.
The only thing that bugs me is the little wimpy unprotected looking window at the front.

Also this week, Jmlizard brings us his nifty looking Spyrus VTOL Space Cat. It's got a really pleasing semi-organic shape and form to it. Those triple curvy engine struts look great. And I really like the trans-blue antennas at the front, they fit in quite well there. Nice interior work too.


Linus Bohman said...

Question: I use an RSS reader to keep track of my blogs, but I haven't found your feed. Do you have any? It makes me miss a lot of posts you guys make. Sad, since your writing is of very high quality. Help?

Stingray019 said...

I don't really know much at all about RSS feeds myself, I looked it up in the help bit and just found a lot of confusing HTML stuff.
Perhaps Brenden knows how to get all that RSS stuff to work?

Brenden said...

I'll add links to the front page:



Brenden said...

change of plans:

just replace 'rss' with 'atom' for the atom feed.