Thursday, 21 December 2006

Oceanographer's Choice

The moral of the story is to never rely on anything with a microchip in it for anything. In short my computer is trying to kill me and its not going to stop in-till one of us ends up in several bits in a garbage bag at the dump.
Anywho, let this weeks journey begin..
First off the bat we have ATDudley's Panther Hovertank Which looks rather nice.
Its got some nifty detailing going on such as the grills in the intakes and the rows of jets on the underside. The separate sections and hatches for gunner and driver are also a nice touch. Bonus points for interior detail. The back of it looks a little bare and vulnerable though, and maybe some more tiles or grills on the sides would help smooth it out a bit.

I've been watching the progress of this WIP at the moment, what can be best described as a big cyclops space ring ship thingy, or simply as the 'Odysseus' I'm intriuged. I love that big neon eye in the middle, this thing looks like it would be right at home as some kind of crazy boss ship in Starfox. Can't wait to see it finished.
We also have a Salvage Craft from Spook Its design is simple and yet complex at the same time if that makes any sense. Gotta love the cutting laser and the little headlamp looking things. Even though its an industrial craft I think it could do with a bit of brightening up, perhaps a thin orange racing stripe down the middle or some smaller red highlights?

Now I've decided to experiment with something different this time. Instead of another recent Moc, I'm going to drag out a 'classic' Moc out to comment on.
So here we have Dan Jassim's A-Wing carrier. The absolutely fabulous predecessor and grandaddy of both the Dragonstar and Explorer. I remember seeing this back in 02 and being in absolute awe of the sheer size of the thing. You've gotta love the detail on this thing, like the launch bay, sensor array and the control tower. And its even got an interior whcih is totally cool.
Defiantly something to look back on for sure.

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