Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Know Your Onion

Today we have a special feature: Some (most, I hope) of you should be familiar with Mike Yoder's work, and would know that he had a bit of a fall from the community a short while back because of personal issues. It was a grave wound to the building community, and me personally. But luck have it, he's back.

We're in the gods favour today, as he comes forth from [seemingly] nowhere with a model bearing that good 'ol yellow colour scheme that's some familiar with him since that move. For added flavour though, there is a red stripe (yipee!). The Code Enforcer carries a similar construction theme to most of Yoder's recent works, but there's a good deal of improvement among the finer details - and the photography is crystal clear this time, it seems to have escaped the usual compression blender. I'm liking the railgun on this thing, he says it's his first attempt at one and it turned out pretty damn well - they may be basic, but that just leaves less room for error. I'm particularly liking that this model doesn't seem to have any barren spots, that is noting that looks like it was given second treatment or looks unfinished.

An awesome return from an awesome builder. I'm really liking those rotating front guns. Its sad to see someone go, but all the better to see them come back, so: welcome back Mike.


Malnurtured Snay said...

Red Baron, I found your blog today while googling to try to find information on you after finding the "Alexander" on Brickshelf. Great design, and I hope you do build larger minifig scale ships in the future. I also love your Federation Corsair!

Brenden said...

Thanks! The restructuring of my brickshelf seems to have attracted attention. The Alexandria was my first foray into large minifig scale building, and I do hope to do more in the future.

Malnurtured Snay said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I blogged about the Alexander.