Thursday, 30 November 2006

Satellite control.. reaching out into other worlds..

Yay Its all over! I've suddenly gone from a period of seemingly endless work and study to a period of seemingly endless freetime sitting around partying, playing Quake and being stupidly lazy. I unpacked all the Lego yesterday. And let me tell you, after four months of Lego separation its total euphoria to click those bricks together again after so long. Maybe I'm over exaggerating with that euphoria comment.. nahhhh trust me, its just that good..
This month on Moc Watch..
First off the bat Graznador gives us the White Stripes Bot, some nifty odd parts usage, gotta love the Bionicle lid on the bottom there and the x-pod middle. Nice stumpy bot fingers and you've gotta love the spirals to.
Sajuuk brings us the ME-363. I mean sure, yeah its a little on the blocky side and a bit clunky in some parts, but to me it looks loaded with potential. Theres that odd stripey triangley nose, those big gorgeous engine pods and the unusual swept forward scissor like wings.

Next we have Turkguy's Enforcer Fighter its pretty nice. I like the little snubby nose guns. Those pods look great, as are their thrusters, unfortunately none of the pics give a good view of the thrusters. The only beef I've got is with those grey fins at the back, Maybe it would look better without em. Or maybe if they were white instead, thats excused though cause the white one are harder to come by I guess. Also bonus points cause he read its reviews, went back and fixed some of the problems.
And I can't sign off without giving a mention to Carlos's Christmas Beetle Mecha. Cause its cool.
Now if you'll excuse me.. I've got some building to do..

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