Friday, 17 November 2006

Set Fire To The Third Bar

The Wii comes out this weekend. I really don't feel like lining up, so maybe I'll do a drive by Saturday night and early Sunday, see if it's crazy. If so, there's always next weekend. Set fire to a heat resistant oven mitt the other day, smelt something and thought it could be melting - didn't expect it to burst into flames, kinda scared me.

Any ways, here's today's feature. Peter L. Morris (I assume) made a new addition to his brickshelf. I love his photography, on some of the models you can barely tell if it's real or just a kick-arse render. His style is kinda odd: patchy colour schemes and a mix of smooth studless sections to studly areas - and yet still his models look great. Albeit, this could be from the excellent photography; good photography can almost make the worst model look good. This, is far from the worst though. He shows a variety of neat looking SNOT techniques, and a good use of 1x1 cylinders. Its always a good day when something of his surfaces on brickshelf - and given that today is also a Friday, its a very good day.

I better be playing Twilight Princess within the next three weeks, or pain... lots of pain.

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