Monday, 5 February 2007

Moscow girls make me sing and shout

Finally, more entries are trickling in for the BZP Castle contest. I don't think the hype has ever been as big as it was for the Third contest (this being the fifth), possibly because the theme: build a spacefighter, was open and appealed to a large building fanbase. The whole scene was much busier back then too (see I wish I was a spaceman).

Speaking of contests, right now seems to be popular, the MicroSpace contest on flickr (see new Current Event links) particularly sparks my interest. It is because of it that I was scouring brickshelf for inspiration on little bits here and there. Thus, today's feature came to my attention. Rokko-class Space Battleship, colourful in that way that you know it can only come from our Asian friends. Striking in it's angles, it achieves a powerful silhouette - though I do think the bridge section is ten times as large as it need be, it just seems like a rather large "please, aim right here" type of bridge. And while it probably gives it that said detectable Asian look, I think it really detracts from the shape and makes the whole thing resemble a gun prop from Power Rangers.

Several other features could use 'sprucing': Engines are a little plain, they work but they could be better; and the two forward guns the same.

Picked up two things on the way home today. First was an Aquaraiders set, the Deep Sea Treasure Hunter. I love it. It represents to me the kind of models that LEGO should be producing for every theme: Small, relatively cheap, packed with good parts! I usually end up buying mostly those less than $10 CAD sets, just because I'm short on money most of the time, and if they were all like this I could die happy - right now. My other purchase was the new Of Montreal CD Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? Pure goodness, and definitely not your typical listen. I'm going to see them in March, so I recommend them to anybody.

In other news, I transferred Masoko Tanga over to the new Blogger - so I'll be playing with the features for a while.


Dez said...

The new blogger is kinda teh win. It makes stuff lot easier in places.

Brenden said...

The only problem is that our layout is in old codes, so I'm not sure how to access a full list of labels.