Friday, 22 September 2006

LGD#4 Under the Sea!

The latest Lego General Disscussion (LGD) contest as come to an end! I seem to have won again, though it was much closer this time around and I think there were others who desevered to win more than I - but don't question the mob. The theme was simply to build an undersea craft or base that could survive the deep depths of the ocean. Unfortunatly most things ended up looking more like spacecraft then submarines, but there was a few select entries that really orchestrated the theme.

The Coralier Deep Sea Exploration vessel was built by Justin Long, and is a great representation of the theme. To overcome the overall spacey look he simply made it look like a fish. Simple, yet oh so effective. It looks like something that would be the villian's vehicle of choice in a humorous spy movie.
The side greebles are on of my favourite parts, the use of smooth tiles gave it a more robust look; greebs usually look cool but you are left wondering why such equipment would be left to the elements (space, as it was) ? Here it seems that the greebs are build for being outside the craft.
Great build. Looks like a fish, acts like a fish (Chomp-Jaw Action!), so it must be a fish. Came a close second place, my pick for winner.

In the Sea Bases section we have Sea Station
NAMOR. Built by Ean Henninger, Arpy as we know him, NAMOR is "one of several undersea bases designed to gather information about marine life and topography." It's a box on the outside, and judging that that was all to be seen on the entry pic during voting it was probably a cause of Arp's low vote count. Frankly, if they'd seen the inside he'd have kicked ass. Aside from the wicked NAMOR type on the exterior, it's a box. On the interior though he's got everything but the friggin' kitchen sink. Wait, he's got that too. The best part of course is the big red button, no base is complete without a button you should never touch.

Lastly there's mine own entry. The KSS Alexandria was a testing platform for technology that was to be
eventually used in space. Built under the new and mysterious banner of the Astra Foederati. Really, it's the biggest thing I've built and 76 studs and it suffers; part supplies ran low, and that created some rough areas. On top of that, I've never really build a minifig scale ship to house more than one person, so it was building in an entirely new field. I do like how it turned out, it looks like a sub and that's all I was really going for. She won me my second LGD, though less deserved than the first it won by people's choice. Perhaps it marks a new page in my building, maybe we'll see more and more larger craft from me. Look for more of the Astra Foederati, that's for sure.

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