Saturday, 21 October 2006

Street Spirit

I think I've gone through 7 WIP versions of a battle cruiser I've been working on since mid July. For some reason or another, I've hit this massive builders block and it's sticking around. I refuse to admit defeat and just scrap the whole project - it will get done. Today I'll blog the reason of my most recent scrap and rebuild, Jerac's Merchant Cruiser the Edouard Guillaume:

Firstly, the shape. This mix of a bulky sculpted look and a skinny grim look, with the main body and the nose being their respected points of assesment. Yet despite the contrasting styles throughout the design, it all flows and has a very coherent look. It's not a box. As some of my past WIPs had begun to look like, instead this features areas that look quite fragile and pull of a very spacey and futuristic look.
The countless bits of black greebs poking out from all unseeming locations also help with that spacey look. The look that the red [and white] is really just this outer shell of visually pleasing hull, and that underneath there's really a ship of chunky mechanical greebs. This 'shelled' look is a look I always like, it gives the ship a better sense of realism, that it was built from the inside out, and that it looks like it could actually be used as a ship.

I'll leave you now, for I've got a microscale ship to work on - and the inspiration is flowing through the veins. Carpe diem.

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